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cornhole board lights

Cornhole Board Lights in 2 Colors

Sometimes you have a set of boards with 2 very different color schemes.  White lights would work okay, but not as good as one red and one blue.  Well we can help with that!  We’re the only place you can buy unmatched pairs of cornhole board lights!

Mix and match any of our 5 colors so you get the perfect combination for your needs.

One of our coolest products here at OGS are our Two Colored Cornhole Bags.

The double color bags are the best way to show off your team colors.  We’ve made some great color combinations — some quite a bit cooler than the team they represent!

We recently shipped out a big order of our dual colored bags, and wanted to share!  Not the best picture, but check out all of these fun color combinations.

Introducing Disc-Off! The latest of several Frisbee tossing games we are offering here at OGS.

Disc-Off is a fun Frisbee tossing game for 2 to 4 players.  Players take turns tossing a Frisbee in an effort to knock a bottle off of the opposing team’s pole.  The opposing team can earn points back by catching the falling bottle.  Disc-Off is fun and fast paced.  Players have fun whether throwing or catching, and are always in the game!

If you haven’t played any of these new Frisbee Tossing games, you’re missing out.  All 4 players stay engaged throughout the game, and by tossing and catching the Disc, players even get a bit of exercise!

We are proud to announce the recent addition of RingStix to the Outdoor Game Shop!

RingStix is a really unique game that can be played in a variety of places.  Players use the long white Stix to fling the rings to the opposite player, who then uses the Stix to catch the ring.

Sure it sounds simple, but it’s a blast.  With only a few pieces of equipment, RingStix is super portable, and the pieces are durable enough to take a lot of use.  The rings even float, so it’s a great game for the beach.

One of the best game styles to gain popularity over the last few years is the Beer Frisbee style game.  The rules of these games vary slightly, but there is a common element of players throwing discs in an effort to knock a bottle or can from atop a pole.  These games started out simple with people using ski poles or PVC pipe, but game makes are quickly bringing more polished versions to the marketplace.

We’re now offering 4 versions of this great game style!

Disc-Off – Nice game pieces, and a great price point.  This bright colored game comes with plastic bottles so you don’t have to worry about breakage or injury to the players.  The materials are high quality, and it all breaks down nicely to fit in the carrying bag.  An OGS favorite!

My Pole-ish Horseshoes – The tallest of the bunch, which is a very nice feature.  This game comes similar to a nice version of the PVC pipe set that many people would create themselves.  The wide base allows MPH to be played in a wide variety of places.  Doesn’t break down quite as small as some of the others, which is a trade-off for the size and durability.

Polish Sport’s Bottle Bash – Bottle Bash comes with a handy carrying case, and the preformed bottles are safe, without breakage worries.  The poles come standard to use on grass or soft surfaces.  Very stable on grass, but can’t be used as easily on hard surfaces.

Flimsee – The most unique take on the Beer Frisbee game!  Flimsee uses two poles on each end, with the cups placed upside down atop the poles.  The bendy poles cause the cups to fly in the air when hit!  The only game to come with 2 discs, and a carrying case, too!  A great deal at $38.99.  Another OGS favorite!