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ScoreTower with Drink Holder

Double-sided, easy to see Score Tower with attached drink holders.

Always know the score with the ScoreTower!


ScoreTower with Drink Holder

The ScoreTower is a double-sided free-standing scorekeeper for your outdoor games.

The ScoreTower pushes easily into the ground, and brings the score to a convenient height for all players.  The color-coded ScoreClamps are easy to read and set.  The scoreboard is made from all-weather plastics, specially designed for outdoor use.

The ScoreTower also holds drinks!  Attached is a double cup holder.  Enough for both plays to keep their hands free during game play.

The step-stake is made from heavy gauge steel with black powder coat paint for endurance.  The stake keeps the ScoreTower firmly where you want it, without worry of tipping over due to uneven ground.

ScoreTower Features

  • 58″ tall
  • Double-sided graphics
  • Double drink holder
  • Dual column Scoring
  • All weather materials
  • Stash-N-Dash reusable carry box

Add the Tailgater Stand to use this great score tower on concrete or asphalt, too!

Want a place to hold your drinks on both ends of the court?  Try the ScoreTower Combo!