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Ladder Golf Double Ladder Game

Get the original Ladder Golf game!

High Quality ladders and bolas that will last.


Ladder Golf Double Ladder Game

Don’t waste your time with imitations.  The original Ladder Golf game is the best around.  With Ladder Golf, you get quality game construction and the best bolas available.  Ladder Golf is easy to assemble, and can be taken apart to travel anywhere you want to go.  The game even comes packaged in it’s own carrying case!

Our Ladder Golf Double Ladder Game is great for tournaments or team play. Simply space the game ladders apart and let fun begin. No need to walk back and forth to retrieve your bolas. With the tournament edition more people can play the same time. Perfect for parties, picnics, cookouts and camping. This game is sure to draw a crowd.

Ladder Golf is made of solid hardwood with brass hardware and durable unbreakable rungs. Our new over-sized 1 piece knobs make assembly even faster and easier. You will notice the quality of this yard game as soon as you open the box.

Each set of bolas is made of real golf balls, specially designed brass inserts and premium nylon rope. All materials are resistant to wear and should offer a lifetime of game play.

Comes complete with:

  • 2 new hardwood game ladders
  • 1 set of Green bolas
  • 1 set of White bolas
  • 1 extra large nylon carrying case
  • Official LadderGolf rules