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Beach Bocce Ball

All the fun of traditional Bocce, perfected for the beach. The BEST Beach Game Ever! Blending the best of Bocce & Petanque, Beach Bocce rules and balls are designed to suit sandy beaches for maximum fun.



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Beach Bocce Ball

Perfect for bocce beginners and veterans alike, the Beach Bocce Ball Set with Carrying Case is sure to brighten days at the beach, patio parties, or casual entertainment. These eight bright, beach-ball colored balls are made of durable rust-, crack- and shatter-resistant synthetic polymers, injection-molded for a lifetime of family fun. They deliver the best of Bocce in the smaller Petanque size (the French version of Bocce) – 74 mm, or 3 inches, in diameter – so both kids and adults can play easily. The included case is durable and conveniently stored. Includes measuring string and rules card.

This top-quality set is custom designed for maximum fun and durability on beaches and lawns everywhere. No vacation or beach lifestyle should be without Beach Bocce Ball. Buy your set today, and look for Beach Bocce Ball next time you visit a beach house, condo, hotel or resort.

What’s Included

  • 8 Bocce Balls.  Bright beach-ball colors, made of tough synthetic polymers and injection-molded. Durable and shock resistant – won’t crack, chip or rust. Balls are Petanque size (the French version of Bocce) – which is 74 mm or 3 in. in diameter.
  • 1 Jack (target ball) made from the same impact-resistant material.
  • 1 Measuring String.  For measuring those ball placements too close to measure with the naked eye.
  • 1 Carrying Case.  Durable canvas, designed with the great outdoors in mind. (We want your Beach Bocce set to last a lifetime.)
  • Bocce Rules.

About Beach Bocce Ball

Beach Bocce Ball was conceived by a married couple as a way to get family and friends together, removed from the distractions and stresses of everyday life, to enjoy each other’s company. Wanting to evoke a Gulf Coast state of mind, laidback and relaxed, the couple found inspiration in the white sand beaches of Florida. Finding that metallic bocce balls were too heavy and didn’t fare well in salty, sunny air, the pair created a set of bocce balls made of durable synthetic polymers, vividly colored and perfect for relaxed playing.

Today, the company has customers around the world, all of them eager to unwind and relax, using the laidback game of Beach Bocce Ball as a way to connect with friends and family.